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Giaplus Medical Private Limited, is a talented manufacturing concern. We are focused to meeting the exact demands of clients through the medium of our top class Interlocking Nails, Anchor Suture TT, Acetabular Cages, Elastic Nails, DHS Plates, etc.

Our Mission

String Polska Advanced Medical Instruments is a Polish company specializing in the production and distribution of ultramodern medical equipment. Established with a passion for creation by people with extensive experience in the field of medicine and advanced technologies. Our designers and constructors ensure that the solutions provided are easy to use tools in the hands of professionals. Together with our clients, we strive to make medical care better.

“We are constantly developing, listening to the needs of others and sharing our knowledge. We create advanced technology, but easy to use. Technology to help doctors “


Konrad Taranek
Co-founder of the company


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"Advanced medical instruments to make easier and higher quality people life"


The company name String was inspired by the first ECG device that appeared in the world. The String Galvanometer was invented around 1901 by the Dutch physician Willem Einthoven. The String apparatus was the first practical electrocardiograph (ECG) and one of the first instruments capable of detecting and recording very small electric currents generated by the human heart and at the same time creating the first electrocardiograms. Einthoven received the 1924 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his work.

Career in Giaplus

Join the String Poland team Carry out innovative technology projects with us in the medical industry!

We care for a good atmosphere, We value professionalism, We train, Integrate

We are optimists

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