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We at Giaplus implement the principles of orthopaedics and ergonomics to design state-of-the-art implants using titanium and stainless steel for complete reliability, greater mobility, and an extended lifetime. Explore our orthopedic implants catalogue and choose Giaplus for greater performance at reduced costs.

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We at Giaplus believe in compassion, innovation, and progress. Passionately following our core values, we develop and manufacture revolutionary orthopedic implants to support and protect damaged bones and restore patient mobility. Our wide array of products includes interlocking nails, anchor sutures TT, acetabular cages, elastic nails, DHS plates, and more.

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Stay updated with the latest offerings and advancements at Giaplus as each day brings along a new learning curve in the field of science and engineering.

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If you are driven with an intent to serve humanity and feel a strong inclination towards the science of Orthopaedic implants, Giaplus is the organisation for you. Join us in a mission to retain human mobility with our implants and make everyday living easier for many.
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