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Acetabular Cage



TITANIUM GR-V 7026-65-50L+R
STAINLESS STEEL 316L 8009-65-50L+R
SIZE 50L+R, 56L+R


An acetabular cage is a medical device used in orthopedic surgery, specifically in hip replacement procedures. The acetabulum is the socket-shaped part of the hip joint that connects to the femoral head (the ball-shaped part of the joint). In some cases, the acetabulum may be damaged or eroded due to conditions such as arthritis, fractures, or previous failed hip replacements.


The purpose of an acetabular cage is to provide stability and support to the acetabulum during the hip replacement surgery. It is typically used when the bone quality in the acetabulum is poor or compromised, making it difficult for the new artificial hip implant to securely attach to the bone.


The cage is designed to fit into the acetabulum and provides a framework for bone growth. It is usually made of a biocompatible material such as titanium or a titanium alloy. The cage has a porous structure that allows bone to grow into it, promoting long-term fixation and stability. The cage may also have screw holes or other features to facilitate its fixation to the remaining healthy bone.


The procedure for using an acetabular cage involves removing the damaged portion of the acetabulum and inserting the cage into the socket. The cage is positioned securely, and the remaining healthy bone and soft tissues are reattached. Over time, the patient’s bone grows into the porous structure of the cage, creating a stable and durable connection between the artificial hip implant and the acetabulum.


Acetabular cages have been developed as an alternative to traditional methods of acetabular reconstruction, such as bone grafting or cemented implants. They can provide excellent outcomes in patients with compromised bone quality, allowing for successful hip joint function and long-term implant survival. However, the use of an acetabular cage is determined on a case-by-case basis, and the decision is made by the orthopedic surgeon based on the patient’s individual needs and circumstances.

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