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Driven to achieve a hassle-free human mobility

Almost a decade ago, we started with an ambition to produce strong, reliable and affordable orthopaedic implants and since then, Giaplus has only manifolded in its operations, business and values. With an inception in Chandigarh, the city beautiful; Giaplus has traveled a long way through cities and states and is now expanding its horizons to international lands. Our team, distributor network and other associations are expanding each day and so is our vision to serve humankind. We strive to achieve excellence in our implants and change the course of supported human mobility.


The Infrastructure

Manufacturing the
human movement

Sprawling over 10000 sq. ft. of land, Giaplus has set up a state of the art manufacturing unit, equipped with world-class machinery and engineering facilities in the commercial hub of Punjab, Mohali. With a strong work-force of experienced engineers and resilient labor, Giaplus is manufacturing a wide range of Orthopaedic implants in its facility. Imported machinery, experienced labor, high-quality material like titanium and stainless steel makes Giaplus implants highly affordable and extremely reliable. Giaplus proudly fulfills all the compliances to fall under the “Make in India” Initiative. With this, Giaplus aims at setting another Indian footprint on the global map in the industry of surgical and orthopaedic implants.

The Culture

Promoting passion and compassion

We at Giaplus believe in striving towards a better tomorrow for everyone. Giaplus celebrates the diversity of varied cultures, experiences and expertise and continues to sustain its progressive working environment.

The Director

"Problem is another
opportunity to innovate"

This is a perspective of a fine visionary who always sees an opportunity of innovation in each problem; meet Gurmukh S. Thakur, MD, Giaplus. From a tender age, Mr. Gurmukh had a vision to create something that could serve humankind and reduce the sufferings of many. Destiny landed him into the field of surgical implants with his first job and since then, he only moved ahead in the direction of new innovation measures in human mobility. Today, 20 years later, Mr. Gurmukh has set a new landmark with Giaplus in the national market of surgical and orthopaedic implants but as per him, this is just the beginning of a new era. Mr. Gurmukh is determined to bring world class engineering and craftsmanship into his production and share the pedestal with leading global brands.

The Certifications

Verified to manufacture
the best

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Stay updated with the latest offerings and advancements at Giaplus as each day brings along a new learning curve in the field of science and engineering.